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BJ Mannyst Now offers 24Hrs Marketing Health Checkup Toolkit & Services for Growing Service Businesses

North America based advantageous marketing solution service provider have expanded their services to provide service businesses with a 24 Hours Marketing Health Checkup Toolkit & Service.

July 10, 2017

Everything in business is now about speed. While service business owners are keeping up with their tweets, prospects, and customers sometimes they forget to check whether their marketing strategy would be the best strategic choice.

Thanks to 24 Hours Marketing Health Checkup Toolkit, services businesses will evaluate their marketing initiatives in a faster quantitative and qualitative way.

“We thrive for the best and help deliver the best return from our diverse solutions, this checkup tool kit will help more businesses stay ahead, " said Emmanuel Omikunle, partner of BJ MANNYST & Founder of FOUNDERS UNDER 40 Group, a full service marketing company offering services to small, medium service businesses, startups, F500 brands.

Emmanuel explained that the company’s new 24HRs Marketing Health Checkup Toolkit V2.0 & Marketing Services, which will be delivered via Online & Skype, is specifically designed to boost service businesses teams focus and bottom-line. All within 24hrs*.

With the pace of social & business change, we want to help businesses manage marketing faster and more efficiently. For info & download your FREE 24HRs Marketing Health Checkup Toolkit. Additional optional features and services are available for a reasonable service fee.

Fill out the form & a FREE toolkit download link will be provided,
please visit: http://home.bjmannyst.com/p/contact-us.html


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