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Have you taking the time to assess your service business sales & marketing tactics, strategies?

Is your marketing driving ROI? Is sales happy with the opportunities marketing is attracting? Do you feel you are wasting money? Do you have content that are just not resonating with targets? Is your branding just not helping? It may be time for a marketing assessment to uncover interesting insights, inefficiencies, problem spots, and just get another perspective on marketing actions.

Marketing has become complicated. It requires you to understand a lot more than the 4Ps, 7Ps, marketing mix, etc.  It requires analytics, data, measurement, monitoring, agility, creativity, great operation, great touch points, events, talent, and more.

And it's not 100% easy for anyone or even a billion dollar company like Apple. So that's why everyone needs to take the time to assess whats working and what is not working.  Marketing assessment will help you identify the areas that you need to improve or stop doing.

BJ Mannyst Marketing Assessment_Audit, For Service Business Can Assist

What is a Marketing Assessment?

Sometimes it's a focus checkup on a specific area of your business and sometimes it's an overview.  The general focus could be :

Competition analysis
Market Place
Tactics and strategies
Technology Tools
Social Media

The hope once assessment is performed:

Make adjustments
Redo somethings
Make changes
Double-down on other things

What are the steps involved?

The steps will vary from business to business. Our focus is early to growing service organizations, which means we can go through it within a shorter period. As long as they allow access to necessary material and resources.

If you need someone to take a look at your service business, reach out to us. We have quick & dirty assessment, and we have more in-depth ones. Contact Us with your needs.

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