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These are some of our stand alone and adapted solutions. We simply provide you the marketing services to get you started or as a test drive.

A great package for 1 - 5 team organization just beginning to test run or develop a business idea or for service businesses or b2b just looking for the bare bone marketing help.

  • This offers you very simple advice
  • This offers you very simple implementation
  • Which means everything is meant to assist you quickly without a lot of audits,measuring,monitoring, or other offers.

By Providing You:

Done via WhatsApp, Slake, Skype,Google Hangout, email, content,copy-writing, ad design,promotional material, etc.
We would provide the best quick solutions for your service business.

The Result:

An advantageous and customized way to tells us what you specifically want with very little opinion from us.

EXTRA The Market Insight, Analytic, & Observation

There are businesses who are doing great in sales however they might sometimes forget or lack the time to evaluate the market around them. We present you and your team resources that could impact your business.

  • We work with you to better listen and observe your customers behaviors, opinions and suggestions
  • We work with you to better listen and observe your competitors behaviors, opinions and suggestions
  • We work with you to better understand the past, present and future changes
  • Find out more about BJ Mannyst Business & Marketing Analytics Services

By Providing You:

Your service business might not have adopted analysis or analytics yet. Your team might be drowning in analyses that do not necessarily lead to better decision making. We can take a look at internal and external factors and present some suggestions.For full management contact us.

The Result:

An in-depth source to assist calculated decisions. You will have better idea and use for business analytics, marketing analytics, and / or digital analytics.

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Providing unconventional and conventional marketing service and business solutions, that focuses on early & growing service oriented organization. Proud partner to Founders Under 40 Group

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